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Annoyed, extremely annoyed.
I was very pissed off when my definition for Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass was rejected for the third time, despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with it. I read why it might not of been posted, and nothing was wrong with it!
by Ender Piggy April 13, 2017

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Somebody who doesn't fit in, or they aren't with the "cool" crowd, or any crowd at that.
"We are the outcasts" - One of my friends. *The Sound Of Silence plays*
by Ender Piggy May 13, 2017

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The common phrase of the bending unit, named Bender, from the T.V show, Futurama. The catch phrase can also be seen as, "Bite my shiny, metal ass!"
Drunk Idiot: "Hey, little girl. Want some weed?"
Savage Smart-Ass Girl: "Kiss my shiny metal ass!" *Kicks drunk man in the shin and runs off*
Bystander: "Like the girl said, fuck you!" *Kicks drunk man in the crotch*
by Ender Piggy April 13, 2017

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The funniest fucking show ever, sadly canceled by Fox. The show can still be found on Netflix. The show features a "delivery crew" in the year 3000, mainly consisting of a pizza delivery boy who was from 2000(Fry, aka Philip J. Fry), a one eyed mutant captain(Leela, aka Turanga Leela), a bending robot(Bender), an old scientist(Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth), an alien "doctor"(John A. Zoidberg), a rich Martian girl(Amy Wong, legally Amy Kroker), and an accountant(Hermes Conrad).
Fox, why'd you have to cancel Futurama? Oh well, I still have Netflix...
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by Ender Piggy April 13, 2017

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...Gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate... W-what? Oh, right...I should be defining something here... Well, a hater is one who, well, hates!on something or someone
"Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!"
by Ender Piggy May 27, 2017

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A conspiracy theory
When the time was 12:34, my friend was like, "12 divided by four is three, there are three sides on a triangle. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!"(no joke she legit said that at lunch)
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by Ender Piggy April 06, 2017

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A legit village in Austria.
No joke, it really is one. This is not the only badly named village in Austria, another one, not nearly as hilarious, but still funny none the less, is called Windpassing
I am now a little embarrassed that I have ancestors that came Austria, and with my luck, they probably came from the village of Fucking, too.
by Ender Piggy March 21, 2017

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