An animated television show. It does not feature real actors, except when using voices.
Cartoons are popular with the children.
by Diggity Monkeez March 26, 2005
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1) an animated character with human like traits
2) an animated film in which "cartoon" characters perform
by random hero February 20, 2003
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Anything animated. Be it american, french, british, irish, chinese, or japenese. Also, japenese cartoons don't have to be called anime, since the japenese call all animation anime. Cartoons can be any genre, but they are most often comedies.
Spongebob, Pokémon: The Series, Teen Titans, and Chowder are prime examples of cartoons.
by MrMrMemeyGuy September 17, 2017
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Car-Toon (noun) both an animated featurette and a degorgatory expression of disdane for the offensive person.

Often expressed with other foul language when used in the latter example.
Don't make me f you up you lame ass cartoon.
by Priz Biz Sage June 8, 2005
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A cartoon is something thats drawn and you watch it when your a kid. Not something like the simpsons, they are animated but not cartoons!
by puke March 1, 2005
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The best cartoons from Cartoon Network that were unfortunately taken off for unknown reasons.
Dexters Laboratory: 1996-2003
Powerpuff Girls: 1999-2005
Johnny Bravo:1997-2004
Ed Edd n Eddy: 1999-2007, 2009-2010(Possibly still aring)
I am Wheasel: 1999-1999
Cow and Chicken: 1997-1999
Courage the Cowardly Dog: 1995,-2002
Mike Lu and Og: 1999-2000
Cartoon Cartoons fridays: 1999-2003? (disputed)
There are others that are remebered that are also removed from CArtoon Netowork that still do air, but otherwise, they are ended. I hoope that they come back.
by Zarley July 3, 2010
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