The funniest fucking show ever, sadly canceled by Fox. The show can still be found on Netflix. The show features a "delivery crew" in the year 3000, mainly consisting of a pizza delivery boy who was from 2000(Fry, aka Philip J. Fry), a one eyed mutant captain(Leela, aka Turanga Leela), a bending robot(Bender), an old scientist(Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth), an alien "doctor"(John A. Zoidberg), a rich Martian girl(Amy Wong, legally Amy Kroker), and an accountant(Hermes Conrad).
Fox, why'd you have to cancel Futurama? Oh well, I still have Netflix...
by Ender Piggy April 14, 2017
A great Show Canceled By Fox and , sadly by Adult Swim, but is back on with a new season on Comedy Central and TBS (Best two stations ever) Featuring Fry, a Average guy from the year 1999 that was frozen for about 2000 years. Then, wakes up in the year 3000 and finds his nephew (Dr.Farnsworth) and works for his "Delivering Company". The Simpsons (Created by Matt Groaning) and Family Guy (Created By Seth MacFarlane) both GREAT shows, but have recently started to get worse, so right now I would recommend to watch Futurama on Comedy Central and TBS.
Futurama is awesome.
by AlexTheWanderer September 1, 2010
Futurama. Noun. Um, I don't know, you just watched it, dummy. What are you asking me for? Hey, here's a fun definition: Idiot. Noun. You! This has been Roseanne, your guide to the world of facts.
by Whale biologist August 25, 2019
A very funny television series, involving a young man named Philip J. Fry (Fry for short) getting frozen and sent into the world of 3000. Each episode ends in either a plot twist or a emotional and inspirational clip. (Sometimes even both!)

I really suggest this TV show. It's HILARIOUS.
"Dude, I just finished Futurama last week."

"Oh my god, Jurrasic Bark made me cry."

"Same, the others were so funny, though."
by Futurama + Funny April 24, 2017
An animated show that was cancelled by FOX and moved to Adult Swim that is for some reason always compared to Family Guy (because they're fighting for time slots on Adult Swim) and The Simpsons (because they were created by the same guy).
by Newbia April 28, 2004
A great show better than Family Guy, much better than king of the hill, But the simpsons is still better. lasted 4 seasons then canceled for some reason. (evil, evil fox)
by ????? December 31, 2004
the best TV program ever created. Evily canceled by fox.
by tranquil_demon August 18, 2003