A person who is always up for partying and getting crunk.
It's on Friday night, we got a lot of funtimers coming.
by itsmine April 6, 2011
an event or experience that is remembered with fondness and nostalgia.
Tiffany: Omigod, Ashli, remember when we went to the beach last summer and met those cute guys?! That was funtimes!

Peggy Sue: Muriel, remember when we learned how to make dresses with your grandmother in '56?
Muriel: Oh yes, girl, that was indeed funtimes.
by tee83 January 14, 2009
"go pickup that weed, and it better be funtime"
by localdude April 28, 2003
A large gathering of Filipinos complete with Lumpia, Pancet, and other home town favorites. These gatherings tend to happen in the largely Filipino populated communities of Mira Mesa and National City.
What are you doing tonight? Wanna go hit up the Filipino Funtime?
by djxpress12 July 5, 2013
A sexy psycho bear animatronic with his hand up a rabbit's ass.
Wow! Funtime Freddy just killed me.
by FAYGO_IZ_LIFE August 4, 2019
The word you say when you want to engage in sexual acts with your friends with benefits or a word that can replace the word "sex".
"Hey babes wanna Funtime Milkshake?"
" I heard Phil and Stacey had a Funtime Milkshake the other day"
by jesusurlocalhormonemonster March 19, 2019
Funtime Foxy is an animatronic from Sister Location who is always creeping up on you in the dark he can be annoying if you don't know how to play the game right.
Hey have you see Foxys new model Funtime Foxy from Sister Location.
by Kuruptedgaming April 22, 2019