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Mup my life. A term originating in the South East of Ireland. A positive rejection of secular, modern views expressing a negative view of 'the now'. My life is great
I just won the lotto. MML
I just woke up and realised I'm not in work until tomorrow MML.
by itsmine November 14, 2011
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Under the influence of drugs, in an altered state of awareness.
Did you see Pauline and Christopher last night? They were mashed potato!
by itsmine August 24, 2011
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A term used to describe something/someone/somewhere which is desirable, satisfying or gives pleasure. Basically treating all things as property.
Do you wanna come to that party this weekend it's a move in?
OMG have you seen that new girl, I'm thinking of moving in!
Last night was such a move in.
by itsmine April 6, 2011
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(Often abbreviated to petty)
A term of endearment.
Also the term may be used to describe a nice, good or fun person.
Hi petty flower how are you?
I saw Diann out last night, she is such a petty flower.
Yes petty, that's no problem at all.
I miss Nell she is such a petty.
by itsmine April 6, 2011
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Being in an altered state of consciousness. This may be due to a variety of factors such as lack of sleep, ingesting intoxicating substances or suffering an emotional upset.
Did you have a good night at the party? Yeah but I was haciendaed after all the shots.

OMG I'm haciendaed after working a week of nights.
by itsmine August 24, 2011
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A person who is always up for partying and getting crunk.
It's on Friday night, we got a lot of funtimers coming.
by itsmine April 6, 2011
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