A beautiful girl that is friendly with everyone. She is athletic, smart, and loves hugs. Everyone wants to be her friend and most even more than that. She is very lighthearted and enjoys life. Everyone around her becomes happy and trusts her no matter what. She is random and is loved by all, and gets a lot of attention from guys.
by Knockout S. October 8, 2012
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a great girl who is really cute and fun to talk to. :)
ashli you're amazing.
by Jake Hagans April 16, 2010
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Ashli is a girl who is amazingly beautiful, smart, young, has have blonde hair with blueish green eyes. Has a perfect smile, that can make you smile without even trying. Cutest laugh in the world. She can be a dumb blonde sometimes but its adorable as hell. She enjoys chick flicks and scary movies, and hates and loves being tickled at the same time. Shes religious and rebelious at the same time, shes sexy, kinky, cute and innocent all at the same time. Ashli is also known jas Ashli The All Knowing or "The" Ashli
The girl was totally an Ashli.

I wish i was an Ashli

Dude that chick was hot as hell, she might have been an Ashli.

I think i love her.
by suttonhd November 11, 2014
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The hot girl that actually likes good boys. Makes them feel like the luckiest guy. Loves animals and Jonathan. Amazingly smart and funny. Never ceases to amaze.
I can’t stop thinking about Ashli.
by Ethan Mayfield June 9, 2020
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A great hoe friend! Who's always there to listen to you.... she's a great hoe!
by Jennifer Hess August 27, 2008
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A unique beautiful girl who is fun to be around anytime. Unfortunately her parents cant spell so she will never be able to get any mass produced name icons. She is energetic smart and has the strength to overcome the obstacles put in her way, such as a suck ass dad or krap school. Not afraid to defend herself she will kick your ass.She will be a strong women with lots ambitions and make money.
Ashly is so cool.

Ashly is gonna beat you down.
by smarterthenallyou May 31, 2014
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Most perfect and beautiful amazing being in this universe! She will always care for you, never let you down, and she will always be there to help you whether you want the help or not. She is a fighter even if she doesn’t say anything. She will fight for what is hers and won’t give up till she ends up in the top. If you know an Ashly, you are a lucky person! If you’re dating an Ashly even better
Damn Ashly always warms my heart
by Lupeloops December 24, 2020
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