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an event or experience that is remembered with fondness and nostalgia.
Tiffany: Omigod, Ashli, remember when we went to the beach last summer and met those cute guys?! That was funtimes!

Peggy Sue: Muriel, remember when we learned how to make dresses with your grandmother in '56?
Muriel: Oh yes, girl, that was indeed funtimes.
by tee83 January 14, 2009
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general term referring to doing something that pleases oneself that can mean one of the following:
(1) the act of ingesting alcoholic beverages; (2) sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex; (3) the act of making out with someone of the opposite sex; (4) or the act of masturbation
All's I wanted was some fun time and you are ruining fun time.
by Rusty Gillespie April 21, 2005
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when you are in class and you are definetly not having a fun time, used as sarcasm
β€œready for history?”
β€œyea it’s gonna be a fun time *eye roll*”
by jagstruefan23 October 15, 2018
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usually used sarcastically to describe a difficult or trying time
"I had three essay finals to complete in one weekend... Fun times."
by goldenrule October 16, 2020
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