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The hottest girl you will ever meet. She has an amazing sense of style and is a total dime. Girls wanna be her, and guys wanna bang her. However, Muriel's hold men to a high standard and won't go for just any guy. Her confidence keeps her classy, while her looks make her sassy.
Guy- "Damn, did you see Muriel today? I'd tap that."
Other guy- "Dude, who are you kidding? She's way outta your league!"
by Deff Guru September 05, 2012
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She's the kind of girl who falls in love very deep, she will be with you in the goods and worsts times. When she do something she's always the best. It's extremely georgeous and cute, everybody wants to be her friend. She's funny She's has a beautiful long black hair and a great body. She's kinda jealous and annoying sometimes, but just because she cares. When u get her heart keep it forever cuz she will be the best girlfriend in the world. She's sweet and adorable. She's always smiling, u will fall for her smile, it's like the sun in the darkest day.
Boy: Who's ur friend?
Girl: Her name is Muriel, she's my best friend
Boy: damn she looks amazing
by secretlyloveher September 18, 2012
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(verb) and (adjective)

Muriel is used to designate something of utter perfection.
e.g. that girl is so Muriel, you couldn't get any better

or verb,

that Betty is so ugly, you'd better Muriel-ify her up.
by leirum April 11, 2008
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Muriel, The adjective given when given PMSing

Muriels can become extremely aggressive, violent and over-protective of belongings at this time of the month
Watch out for Muriel!!
Laura - 'Why is that girl so extremely aggressive, violent and over protective of her belongings? she yelled at me when i asked to borrow her moisturizer'

Lorna -'Yea don't worry about her... She's just Muriel right now'
by Voldy1 July 06, 2010
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1. a name for woman with a moustache (FRIENDS, both jennifer's and ross's aunt is named muriel with a moustache)

2. a sissy man
Look how ugly that Muriel is! She should shave her French stache!
by Bejamin Franklin January 17, 2011
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An ugly/unattractive/fat girl another girl/girls hangs around with to look more attractive/pretty/thin. Taken from the movie "Muriel's Wedding."
Poor Tracey, she doesn't realize the only reason Megan hangs around her is because she's her Muriel.
by simbasue January 15, 2014
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a girl who is 18 and has a strict 9 o'clock curfew that prefers to date guys in their early teenage years... and she has a penis <3
fuck! i can't stay out late, my parents are treating me like muriel!
by bugerman October 28, 2009
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