Funny monkey is a monkey that does something funny enough to make one smirk, laugh, and/or giggle. Funny monkies may include; throwing a banana, a chin bubble thing, or making weird noises, and the "orange eat me you" meme.
Guy 1: The Funny monkey was pretty funny ngl.
Guy 2: It really was lmao
by hehehehahahafunny November 25, 2020
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something so funny it will make you die
by OsuEnthusiast June 17, 2021
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A adjective to describe someone as hilarious.
Boy 1: Did you know he committed arson in 12 Children Hospitals?
Boy 2: I know, he's such a funny monkey!
by Allahmonkey54 March 03, 2021
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A monkey that's funny, supid, or ugly. Now that I think about, it can be any kind of monkey, but all is at least funny. XD
That monkey with the green hat was a very funny monkey.
by SSC March 05, 2008
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a monkey who is autistic he likes to eat bananas to the point where he gags
do you see that FUNNY MONKEY?

by N00nz May 09, 2021
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Funny monkey disease, or FMD, is just a nicer way to say AID's. It would be alot nice if you heard, sorry i gave you funny monkey disease, rather than, sorry i gave you AIDs. I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want to have something called funny monkey disease. It has the words funny and monkey in it. Sounds like fun
Sorry, I forgot to tell you, i have funny monkey diseas, you might want to get yourself checked.

Oh, ok....

-2 mins later-

What the hell is funny monkey disease???
by itchy2 January 10, 2009
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