So stupid, can't spell supid.
That such a supid dress u wear Mary!!
by Lars Olson March 18, 2008
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to be more stupid than stupid
1) Man, that mentally handicapped surfer is supid.
2) Adam's dead toenails are supid.
by MoosemanB January 3, 2012
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a playful way of saying stupid to a friend
by sarah walker September 20, 2006
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Legitimately, it is the right way to spell stupidity as this was widely used by the Nazi Jews, Muslim Monks, and frankly any other oxymoron I can think of like that.
Homework Assignment:
Types of Folly:
by StupidCherry458 March 27, 2018
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Supid is an acronym for Sucking. Urgently. Passively . In your Friends. Dad
Im at your house to Supid your dad
by ya baby baby July 17, 2021
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