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Fuck Me Dead - Shortened and used in text messages or via instant messengers.

A way of expressing something.
FMD that's amazing
FMD the size of those
FMD where you get them?
FMD how much?
FMD you did what?
by stuey_boy May 05, 2008
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The name given on Football Manager when you are managing a big team but fail to beat a much smaller club, often despite having five times as many shots.

In a typical FM'ing, you'll see your strikers through on goal time and time again, only to see them spank it out the ground from a couple of yards out, perhaps aiming for a low-flying aircraft or a fan they thought was being overly-aggressive.

Most of the time the end result will be a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 defeat, sometimes without the opponents even managing a shot on target. If your opponents did manage to score the goal themselves, it will more often than not come from a striker who hasn't scored in about 15 hours of football, who it seems was just saving up for a thunderbolt from 35 yards to win the game in the sixth minute of stoppage time.

The term can be applied to real-life football matches, however it is much less frequent, as top-class strikers don't usually forget how to shoot when approximately 7 inches from the goal.
Gary: I got FM'd last night.

Tim: How?

Gary: A 40-year-old Emile Heskey scored with his arse.
by Wigglers July 15, 2011
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Fuck My Day. When FML (Fuck my life) is too dramatic and certain things ruin your day, FMD may be more reasonable.
by creatorOfFMD March 19, 2011
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An acronym which stands for 'fuck my dick'. A way to express anger, similar to smd.
Sebastion: Dude. You have to help me with my project.

Henry: You know what man? FMD. I don't have to do anything.

Sebastion: Alright man, sorry.
by Sawa. May 20, 2010
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Acronym for 'fuck me dead', often used when abbreviating in text messages, online messenger systems or social networking services such as Facebook, Myspace and so on.
example 1:
girl #1 "fmd, that boy is hot!"
girl #2 "yeah, i'd let him fmd!"

example 2:
boy "this really hot chick invited me to a party tonight, but i have to work. fmd."
by bearcakes91 April 24, 2009
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'Fuck My Dissertation'. Like FML (Fuck my life) but used about dissertation.
'I have one week to do my whole dissertation. FMD'
This work for my dissertation is really hard, like impossible. FMD'
by bjqueen March 13, 2010
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