Fuck Me Dead - Shortened and used in text messages or via instant messengers.

A way of expressing something.
FMD that's amazing
FMD the size of those
FMD where you get them?
FMD how much?
FMD you did what?
by stuey_boy May 6, 2008
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Fuck My Day. When FML (Fuck my life) is too dramatic and certain things ruin your day, FMD may be more reasonable.
by creatorOfFMD March 20, 2011
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'Fuck My Dissertation'. Like FML (Fuck my life) but used about dissertation.
'I have one week to do my whole dissertation. FMD'
This work for my dissertation is really hard, like impossible. FMD'
by bjqueen March 13, 2010
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Pil Shoved The FMD Up Dethlords Ass.
by Mothman April 4, 2003
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Fuck Me, Daniel - a term coined on the hipster blogging site Tumblr, a simple way for fangirls to express extreme lust to anything related to German actor Daniel Bruhl.
Fangirl #1: Oh my god, she posted pictures of Daniel Bruhl.
Fangirl #2: FMD. FMD. FMD.
by hugostiglitz- December 28, 2010
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Acronym for the Fashion Model Directory. According to Google, FMD is the world’s largest website about modeling...
-Did U see what Callie posted on the FMD forum last night.... U know it had to be "boots" LOL!

-Gotta check out that agency on FMD...

-Leelee became supermoderator and went "tfs" on havatampa ROTFLMAO!
by havatampa August 5, 2008
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