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aka Funk Ball: A small white or whitish-yellow nugget found when massaging the tonsils. Able to be removed most effectively with a Q-tip. WARNING: Funk Balls may appear in groups. The stench emitted from Funk Balls is a combination of straight poop and vomit, only worse... much worse.
Quick, flush that funk ball before anyone gets a whiff of it.
by lil aim October 25, 2007
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A sleasy, greasie, nasty guy, most likey he has a mullet. Clothing consists of a wife beater Tee and/or a black concert Tee shirt, most likely from the 80's.
That funk ball was checkin' me out, I wouldn't give him the time of day.
by janet davila November 15, 2004
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An annual affair thrown by U.S. Pipe & the Balls Johnson Dance Machine in which people get together for the Funk of it, featuring live bands, funky attire and attitude, and booty-shakin'.
by SpunkyMcGillicuddy June 23, 2007
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1.someone who lives in an extremely filthy house and has sex with men of average wealth with the intention of getting pregnant so she can trap them into child support forever.
2.a woman who plays it off as independent because she knows that nobody will ever marry her.
Sandy the funk ball trapped two guys into getting her pregnant and neither one wants her now that they are sober!!!
Look at her filthy stinking house the funk ball loser, she never cleans.
by youllalwaysbeafunkball July 24, 2005
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