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The act of farting and having semen come out because the person had just had anal sex.
After the anal sex scene, the actress ate some beans and started fumming to clean out her asshole.
by Luke the Snook May 18, 2011
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The act of being fummy. To bludge. What one does at work after Friday's pub-lunch. Doing bugger all and dragging everyone else down with you.

Another, less common, form of fumming involves sitting next to a colleague while he is on the phone to a customer and scrawling all over his notepad whilst giggling. The notepad should end up containing a crude caricature of the colleague's sister with the words, "Please wear pants to my party" in a speech bubble. This slightly more obscure form of fumming can often be the most effective as both parties usually end up imploding in a fit of giggles.
The Letter M: "So, Soulless Ginge, what have you done today?"
Soulless Ginge: "Nothing mate. I've been fumming all day today."
The Letter M: "Okay. Let's sit around with Angry Italian and make knob jokes."
by The Letter M May 02, 2006
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