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To receive fellatio and the fellating party puts both one's cock and balls in their mouth
The B was full blown last night. That girl's mouth must have been huge to fit his mammoth sized balls in there at the same time as his monsterous man-rod.
by Big Unca Mike September 04, 2008
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When you eat dirt for the first time and leave your family to build a shack in the woods
Bro since I got dirtpilled on Tuesday I have made sooo many worm friends and made them soo many little houses to get married in. Me? Lonely? No you’re the lonely one u lawn owning freak
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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A term used to describe a very manly lesbian, or extremely feminine fag.
That's a fullblown diesel driving that 18-wheeler. Nice mullet!
by Krysten April 16, 2004
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A saying you say when somebody is either sizzled, cooked or fried on the sesh
Bob: mate you've gone full blown, are you alright ya dickhead?

Keith: I love ketamine.. or should I say..... Keithamine.

Bob: you're a full blownee
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by Keithamine July 15, 2017
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