To receive fellatio and the fellating party puts both one's cock and balls in their mouth
The B was full blown last night. That girl's mouth must have been huge to fit his mammoth sized balls in there at the same time as his monsterous man-rod.
by Big Unca Mike September 4, 2008
A retard that is not like other retards, but an EXTREME retard.
Guy: hey what's going on? Retard: duhhhuhuh wee mee flap flap mee flap flap mee-ASS CONE guy: damn he is a full blown retard
by A random guy who is not gayy February 11, 2014
One who is not just a redneck, but lives a life dedicated to all things redneck. His house, his clothes, his vehicle, his girlfriend, IQ, etc. etc. have "redneck" written all over them.
Boy, that Billy Dean is not your ordinary redneck is he? He is "Full Blown Nascar"!
by Paul R. Nation July 11, 2008
The creation occuring from human to primate transmission usually found in or near a shanty town. This creation can also happen from a special centuries old recipe which contains a tablespoon of gibbon jissom, a cocunut, a small pot of mango chutney, a pineapple, three rape charges and a small theft. Arrange for a large slave collective to stir it for 300 years and then bang it onto gas mark 8. In a further 60 minutes you will have achieved your goal.
That cup of coffee sure ain't got no milk in. It's a full blown ethnic alright...
by Lady in the Lake July 19, 2006
Breast orgasms resulted from heavy petting of the breasts and nipples. Women with highly sensitive breast can experience these types of orgasms. Breastfeeding mothers can sometimes experience these types of orgasms as well. (cit. Getting Off by Jamye Waxman, pag 37).
Susan: Oh gosh I would never believe it possible!
Kya: What did happen?
Susan: I was breast feeding my little baby while I had a weird so good feeling... like a real orgasm.
Kya: Ah, wow, it was obviously an full-blown boobgasms, I've never had in my life, oh I wish I could feel the same, lucky you!
by naughtycat March 21, 2010
A saying you say when somebody is either sizzled, cooked or fried on the sesh
Bob: mate you've gone full blown, are you alright ya dickhead?

Keith: I love ketamine.. or should I say..... Keithamine.

Bob: you're a full blownee
by Keithamine July 16, 2017
Coke-a-cola which has sugar ie: not diet or zero.
Marilyn asked for a Jim beam and coke zero from the bar tender but after tasting it said "I'm not drinking that, it has full-blown coke in it."
by empresshearts April 22, 2008