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Kya is typically a girls name, also spelled kaya and kyah, kya is the most beautiful girl in the world she is smart, funny, skinny, athletic, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, kind, knowledgeable, glamorous, responsible, awesome, helpful, sporty, cool, intelligent, nice, cooperative, and all around a genuinely good person, she is confident and popular with everyone because of her personality, she takes relationships seriously and won't hurt people on purpose, she cares about others in a way most people don't, kya is a good friend who will always be there for you, and will help with your problems, kya puts others before herself and will never stop trying to be the best she can be...
Wow, kya is so nice!

Kya, looks even prettier then she did yesterday!
by MickieMouse12345 August 19, 2013
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usually refering to a girl: lovely, smart, funny, goofball with cheese, extremely beautiful, an amazing person in all aspect, and ends with a rose.... @-}---
wow, would you look at -her-?

I know her, She's a Kya...
by Moose_87 October 27, 2006
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A girl name that is particularly of African American origin but can be found in all races. Kyas are funny, short, beautiful, melanin, freaky, thick, and love to laugh. You can almost always find a Kya with a kalen the two just match. As girlfriends a Kya is usually crazy, petty, jealous, but always loyal.
Kya is always asking how to do the homework it's so irritating!
by MrLogical1234abc124 December 05, 2016
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Friend 1: Oi, don't be rude or I will kya.

Friend 2: wtf, rude asf.
by Tai Fulton February 20, 2015
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A ratchet girl from south Florida who doesn't take shit from anyone and whoops a bitch's ass when she needs to. She's beautiful, a great singer, caring, loving, hilarious, and loves to make people laugh.
Hey do you know Kya?
Yeah she whooped Raynesea's ass last year! She gave her that TWO PIECE! She ratchet!
by Clubparadise August 02, 2012
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Kya means 'what'. Used when some1 calls you.
James: Hey John, can I ask you a question?
John: Kya?
by Vignesh February 07, 2007
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