n. A sex partner to whom you have no special attachment. A person you occasionally have sex with who is not your S.O.

A fuck buddy is similar to a friend with benefits.
Person 1: So your girlfriend's coming over?
Person 2: She's not my girlfriend. We're just fuck buddies.
by The Grammar Nazi December 15, 2001
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A person that you are not a couple with, but you occasionaly fuck when your bored and horny.
Dee: Are you two going out?
Steve & Emily: No.
Dee: Then why do you fuck all the time?
Emily: Cause we're fuck buddies.
Steve: Emily, You're the best fuck buddy ever *smiles like an idiot*
by namronremmus December 29, 2009
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A person who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend (or farmyard animal), with whom you have sexual relations, on the mutual understanding that you both want sex and nothing more.

Strictly, for the term 'fuck buddy' to apply, both people involved have to be single.
"I ain't had any dick in weeks! I'll give Mike a call. He's my fuck-buddy."
by Umbongo - England April 02, 2003
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A person with whom one has occasional casual sex in the context of a friendly relationship unburdened by any romantic interest or love.
I see Jane once in a while for a booty call when we are both free. I consider her a fuck buddy.
by Nondescript June 07, 2010
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A person who is your friend but also fucks you whenever you'd like or if you would like a blow job they are more than willing to fulfill that request as well.
I called up my fuck buddy Sonny Vitale so I could get my dick sucked last night.
by Michael Rehmeyer. January 09, 2008
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There are different views on fuck buddies. It sounds bad but there is alot more to it! Usually involves the other two liking each other just knowing they cant work. As in relationships everyone acts different. Sp they just play around with each other and fun with their time.
Hey are you and him going out i mean you to are all over each other!
No, we just like fuck buddies! We just have fun together!
by Daniellian August 31, 2005
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