An entree or meal containing products from three or more different animals.
Dan ended up eating a farmyard when he added two of Suzy's chicken nuggets to his bacon cheeseburger.

"I ordered chicken curry at that cheap Chinese place, but I think that they gave me a farmyard curry."

The vegetarian gagged as he watched his friends stuff their faces with a farmyard.

My grandma serves up a farmyard every year for Thanksgiving dinner.
by whyshoulditelu August 30, 2011
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Two people ass to ass, passing an egg back and forth until one cannot return it. Loser typically is made out to eat the resulting egg.
"Hey are you gonna play some farmyard tennis with your wife tonight?"

"No I can still taste the egg from last time."
by MikeRecupido January 9, 2022
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A threesome with two hideous pig-like girls.
Guy 1: "These girls are all over you, if you play your cards right you may get a threesome mate!"
Guy 2: "Even if I just play my cards I'll get a threesome, the fucking pigs"
Guy 1: "Farmyard threesome!"
by Mr Fox123 February 20, 2013
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The act of aggressively piercing the yolk of an egg with a fork, before whisking during the preparation of scrambled eggs.
"Dude, I could hear you farmyard shanking the shit out of those eggs this morning from the other room"
by APersuasiveTurnip February 24, 2016
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A fart so organic and biologically volitile it is rival only to cow manure.
Jill: A cow has just shit nearby...
Nick: no, thats Judy, She's always at the farmyard farts
Jill: Judy needs to wash her butt out with soap and water
Nick: Ain't that true.
by nick packer September 27, 2007
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The outcome from a good anal scratch. The digit used looks like a premium cuban cigar but smells like a farmyard.
I really killed off my itchy butt hole but ended up with a cuban farmyard
by JellyDeise September 16, 2016
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