1. A person used for the soul purpose of sexual pleasure
1. "Wasn't Steve your fuck buddy for the week?"
by George W. Fucker November 09, 2003
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1)a person who u tlk to as a friend but when ur horny u can call them
2)a person that u can call because ur horny to give u some
3)someone strictly for sex only and not intended for a relationship afterward
I have two FUCK BUDDIES..well three but i don't fuck him much!!One night i was soo fucking horny i called up jimmy and he didn't answer then i called kevin and h didn't answer either.So i called the one that i dont fuck much..and he didn't answer either.So i got inthe shower and finger myself a lil.When i got out of the shower jimmy called me bak..so i told him is was wet and ready for him to bone me.He came over and brought brian.So we go upstairs to my room and they give me a hug and start to ake my clothes of and kiss me while at the same time.THey take turns fingering me and sucking on my huge tittys.Then its time to get down to business.JImmy takes his sweatshirt off and pulls down his pants exposign the most tan,hard thick, longest dick i have ever seen and shoves it up my ass.!!UHHHHHH.YES YES YES...DEEPER..DEEPER.While brian pleasures him self untill he has to join in. HE lays on the bed while i start to swirl and flick my tounge on the head of his dick untill he pushes my head down and i deep throat him.We're pretty much gang banging by then. Then they switch places but insted of brian fucking me up the ass while i give jimmy and blow job he starts to finger me while licking my clit.then after i start to buck form the immense pleasure he starts to tounge fuck me and message my clit at the same time.As jimmy finishes me and brian are still going at it.we'er laying on the bed whiel jimmy put his clothes on and goes down stair to let us finish.he starts to explore and dart his tounge deeper and deeper in to my warm, dripping wet, tight pussy..UH UH UH UH...BRIAN...BRIAN....YESSSS...UHHHHHHH...DEEPER DEPPER IM GONNA CUMMMMMM....OOOOHHHH YESSSS...YEEESSSSS....YESSSSSS!!!!I came and he swallowed every last drop of my sweet cum. Then he pushes me to the bed to give pussy the pounding of a liftime.He slides his 9" hard as fuck dick in to my tight wet pussy...pounding me untill i scream!!...OHHHHH ....YESS.YESSS.HARDER...HARDER...FUCK ME HARDER...FATSER..FFAASSTTEERR.....UUUHHHHHHHH..OHHH..OHH..OHH...BRIANN..BRIANN..UHHHHHHHHHH...BRIAN...!!!We finally came at the same time too.Sweaty as hell we lay nex to each other. Im stroking his dick while he rubs my driping pussy.Untill wee fall asleep for about three hours.Untill jimmy wakes us up and they leave!!!!
by nail_n_wood@yahoo.com July 10, 2008
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You're not really buddies, you just fuck, usually only as a booty call after you failed to pick up during the 3 o'clock scab grab when last drinks were called at the pub. Dropping the word buddy and replacing it with person (you could use a gender specific noun if desired) is far more appropriate.
I feel like a root but can't be fagged trying to find one. I'll call up my fuck buddy.
by Relationship Guru July 22, 2015
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a girl/guy you went out with but you really didn't have a connection with but the sex was so good that you fuck em from time to time
samantha calls up her fuck buddy john because she is horny
by shane September 03, 2004
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A stupid slut that a non-committal guy uses for sex.

Also a dumb bloke used as a scratching post by a busy women when she gets an itch in her pants..
"I dumped her, she said she just wanted a fuck buddy, but I bet she'd be trying to get me to move in within a few weeks.. "
by Drex Johnson September 18, 2008
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A person who will participate in sex without emotional attachment, allowing you to remain "friends". Stereotypically used to describe a female.
Guy 1: Dude, are you and Girl sleeping together?!?

Guy 2: Ya, but she's just a fuck buddy. No worries bro.
by --Anon-- July 10, 2008
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