A very small unit of measurement. More than a damn but less than a rat's ass.
I don't give half a fuck that you're on a keto diet, mable
by Cap'n Jazz September 5, 2018
A person who is generally a clueless toolbag that enjoys screwing with their friends. Claims all the waterfowl shot, cant handle their booze, likes smoking cigars that taste like turds or are flavored...

Likely referring to Italian decent
Tommy was a fuck today when we went to the cigar bar. He choose bottomshelf booze and a machine rolled cigar
by Duckwhore September 7, 2020
what may or may not be given if you say something stupid/that no one cares about,
bob: hey Jim, I just got divorced.
jim: you know what, I really don't give a fuck.
by LapisTM July 18, 2016