freshman at a high school. commonly referred to as "fresh meat". unanamously hated with most upper class men.
"what the hell man? who said you could bring the frosh? jessus man... how low do you go?"
by Β‘galletas! December 16, 2008
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Jordan: "I'm going to be a freshman next year."
Caitlin and Anna: "You're a FROSH!"
by PrincesssCaitlin July 10, 2008
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1. Verb: to send out any mass-mail, regardless of it's recipiants, through the Bergen County Academies mailing service.
2. Noun: the former address given to each new incoming freshman class at the Bergen County Academies of Hackensack, NJ.
---froshed, froshing
I just recived five hours of detention for froshing one of my regular spams. And, this wasn't even one of the offensive ones!
I need to send out an e-mail to frosh in order to make sure that we have all the Frosh Madness participants ready to go on Monday.
by Hooters for Lunch September 23, 2005
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FRESHMAN, FRESHMAN, do something crazy, do something crazy, keg stand, keg stand!
by taco.taco May 27, 2010
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some one who forgets easily, likes to party, someone in their first year of high school or college, everyones favorite friend.
she was the only freshman and totally knew how to party, shes such a frosh.
by RTMQ December 03, 2010
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I'm trying so hard not to frosh you right now.. you're getting on my nerves like seriously!
via giphy
by Xxe October 12, 2020
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When grade 12 rule and grade 10's suck.
Basically the grade 10s do whatever the grade 12's tell them to do on one certain day. The girls and guys get dressed up, embarrased, and have to do whatever the grade 12's tell them to do. after they get them nice and drunk and embarass them a whole bunch, the boys are then paddled (spanked on the butt with a wooden paddle) and the girls get nasty stuff poured onto them. Basically mixtured made up by grade 12 of many different food and stuff like that. ewww. You cannot frosh unless you have been froshed.
Your the froshee and i'm the frosher, so you do whatever i say.
by taneshatiki September 14, 2007
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