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(pl. Christmasses)
1. n. The holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Falling conveniently on the 25th of December, supposedly declared by the Catholic Church to eclipse a Pagan holiday (winter solstice) on the same day.

2. n. A heart touching season where gift giving is promoted, and Santa Claus is every youth's hero. Other Christmas icons include: reindeer, snowmen, elves, presents, pine trees, ornaments, tinsel, holy, yule logs, sleighs, mistletoe, carols, noel, angels, golden rings, calling birds, french hens, turtledoves, birds in fruit-bearing trees.

3. v. To celebrate Christmas
1. Character 1: "Hey, wanna come over to my house on Christmas and read the bible and celebrate the birth of our savior?"
Character 2: "Nah, I'm planning on celebrating the Pagan holiday for the Winter Solstice, which coincidentally falls on your holiday, and involves many of the same practices"
Character 1: "Screw you."

2. Character 1: "I can't wait til Christmas Time, when I can spend my hard-earned cash on presents that will probably be given away, only to get crappy woven sweaters in return!"
Character 2: "Don't be bitter, just give them your car keys and report it stolen the next day."

3. Character 1: "So what are you planning to do over the holidays?"
Character 2: "Oh, I'm going to be Christmassing with my peeps in G-Town, how bout you?"
Character 1: "Oh, what a relief, I thought you were Jewish."
by blankypoo November 15, 2004

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1. (n.) Derogatory. An annoying pre-freshman college student seen visiting campus.

2. (n.) Derogatory. A freshmen in college displaying signs of immaturity or an unfamiliarity with the campus.
1. Character A: Did you see those froshes on the tour today?
Character B: Yeah, better get some HazMat guys over here before the STD outbreak.

2. Character A: Did you hear about that kid who got hit by the train on campus?
Character B: Yeah, she was a frosh.
by blankypoo October 13, 2006

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