n; A spoon-fork hybred eating utensil that is often misidentified as a spork due to mistaken classification. A true spork, while rounded on the ends, has tines that extend to at least the middle of the utensil face and a slightly flatter surface. The tines of a froon extend only a quarter of the distance of the utensil's body, thus rendering it more spoon than fork. Froons are hince more appropriate for more heavily-sauced items than a true spork.
by RBKC34 October 02, 2011
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a namecalling word, scoon + freak = froon.

A scoon was founded by Twin Jester basically meaning cool witted.

This word was created because people can now call others a freaky scoon, or a froon.

scoon - Related
Billy was being a total froon, walking all hill-billy like, and then, he became a total freak and starting jumping a round like a frog.
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v. to fall into a body of water unintentionally.
n. someone who falls into a body of water unintentionally.
v. Don't froon; you will end up all wet!
n. You're such a clumsy froon.
by NAPPYDOnuts September 07, 2010
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