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A new way of extracting oil from shale deposits via hydraulic fracturing. Unfortunately whoever came up with the name never saw Battlestar Galactica.
Have you heard about the fracking they're doing for oil? I don't think prices are high enough for me to start fracking people for it.
by WarHighlander February 22, 2011
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A polite term for shoving a lubricated probe into the Earth's hole to release gas.
Earth: I'm having trouble passing gas.

People: That's nothing a fracking won't fix.
by onehandcrabbing February 21, 2012
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An polite substitute for "Fucking" or "Freaking" from the new series Battlestar Galactica. Similar to frelling. Used by Lucifer7 on #hbo.
"Those fracking Cylons!"


<zasx\malia> oh goody, 8 frelling times
<zasx\malia> last one was to fix a frelling networking bug -.-
<Fajita|nwn> lol
<Fajita|nwn> frelling
<zasx\malia> would you prefer i used fracking?
<Fajita|nwn> nah, carry on
<Fajita|nwn> it's just amusing
by ZexGX February 23, 2005
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Originally drawn from hydrologic fracturing in natural gas development, the term can also be used to describe passionate sexual encounters.
"Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he wants to lift the ban on fracking in this state. Now I say, fair's fair. After all, he just signed a bill saying gay couples could legally frack each other. . . . Why can't energy companies drill in our backyards?" - Steven Colbert
by Mt.Diablo July 14, 2011
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The act of assaulting a toilet with explosive liquid diarrhea.
Chris I think the sushi I ate last night was bad. I've been fracking the toilet all morning.
by jhizzle819 August 26, 2014
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Like the term used in oil and gas mining where water is pumped with high pressure into the ground to bring hidden treasure to the surface, Fracking, in the world of adventurous sex, is a term describing an act where dicks are used as a high pressure douching implements.

Fracking occurs when a man inserts his engorged penis into either a fat wet pussy or a sweet sweet ass hole and then pisses with great force and reckless abandon. The douching action of the warm cleansing stream brings spent ejaculate, lubricating oils and other debris to the surface. Intense pleasure is shared between the partners from the spilling, squirting and general distribution of the warm frothy goodness.

Part of the challenge and fun of Fracking is achieving a high pressure urine stream while maintaining a stiff dick. Failed Fracking attempts generally lead to warm the misting pleasures of the more ordinary Golden Shower.
1. Girl to girlfriends after a night with her new boyfriend, "After I finished him off with the Reverse Cowgirl I thought we were done for the evening and that he had rolled over to go to sleep. However, some time later he rolled over like a fucking super man with a massive hard on, pulled me up on my knees and Fracked my cooter like the world was going to end. There was gushing messes and goodness all fucking over the place. I've never had such a great night and felt so fresh the next day!"

2. Tranny to tranny friends, "That guy from last night took me to his Hotel and literally destroyed my ass hole after he Side Piped my cock for like 20minutes. But get this, even though he was a brutal menace to my hole he was kind enough to sooth wounds with some kind and gentle Fracking! My insides have never been so warm and relaxed. And for a bonus the Fracking left my honey pot so sparkly clean and fresh that I didn't have to ass douche the poop out of it before the next customer!"
by Tommy Two Fingers October 20, 2013
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1. A process that results in the creation of fractures in rocks. The fracturing is done from a wellbore drilled into reservoir rock formations to increase the rate and ultimate recovery of oil and natural gas. Small scale operations are already taking place within farming communities.

2. The actual affect upon the environment from the extraction of gas from the ground as demonstrated in the documentary Gasland.

v. intr.

1. To be screwed over.

An energy company has offered me $100, 000 to do some fracking in my backyard.

Josh Fox's Gasland really shows how big energy companies are fracking both the environment and rural communities.


(Person 1) "Did you hear about that fracking accident in Pennsylvania?"

(Person 2) "Yeah, that thing is really fracking all those poor farmers' drinking water."
by billybobboy April 20, 2011
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