When you have Frisson, you begin to have goosebumps and have an adrenaline rush on your skin due to how good a certain sound or song feels like to you. Its almost like feeling or reacting differently to a pattern in music or feeling a specific song in reality. This can be found in really deep thinkers, especially those or admire an object or person.

When a person has Frisson it can be described as looking at an individual that you like alot and when that beat or pattern you love comes in you get those goosebumps and it can also create a strong reaction that breaks any form of communication. It can also refer to a "Musical Orgasm" as people like to call it. You also get very mad if someone interrupts you from your glorious moment.
Why do u keep looking at that same girl while listening to music? Frisson (In music)

Stop looking in that same direction Harry are you having a Musical Orgasm again?
by GloriusFlarre1 April 25, 2019
It's when you get all fuzzy & giddy, butterflies in the stomach, heart skipping beats, etc. when someone you really like passes by you/is with you/enters your thoughts depends on the level of frisson. At times, you tend to act really weird.
You two obviously show frisson around each other.
by ichigokai September 10, 2007
that feeling of excitement when you start to love someone... how can i put this... oh, like butterflies when you have a crush or something...
She felt frisson when she looked at her ex-boyfriend. It wasn't over.
by Kat January 2, 2004
A sort of a half-hearted, very fast frisking.
He kind of gave me a frisson. He seemed like he didn't care what I was about the contraband on my body. Just gave me a little frisson.
by Scikoop75 December 27, 2021
The 'chills' you get from listening to your favorite band or an epic piece of music.
Any song by 'Gym Class Heroes', I get musical frisson.
by IdGetSleazyWithRonWeasley October 2, 2011