An awesome feeling when someone you care about looks at you, stares at you or complements you; and you don't know what to do in that moment, except feel happy. It can be a physical feeling like a little tickle traveling up your stomach.
He is so cute, every time he turns and looks at me I get butterflies in my stomach.
by HikeUp November 8, 2013
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It means that you have nervous feelings in your stomach.
I felt "butterflies in my stomach" when I talked to him.

He had "butterflies in his stomach" while waiting for the results of his exam.
by cleveya May 14, 2022
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She had butterflies in the stomach because she had a date in five minutes
by Conrado41 March 14, 2017
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When it feels like you have butterfly's in your stomach
After what he said She held her stomach because she had butterfly stomach
by Thispagewasmadeforme September 22, 2020
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