Free + Pizza

A very common poor, college kid meal, usually found at large events or club meetings.
Max: Hey, you wanna grab a bite to eat?

Sam: Naw, I just grabbed some freeza at some random club meeting.
by herdfan1128 November 23, 2010
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An alternate spelling of Frieza, one of the main villains in the dragonball series. Both spellings are valid and can be used interchangeably, much like Kakarot.

He is defeated once by the recently super saiyan Goku, and is killed by Trunks at the beginning of the android saga, after being restored and now mostly machine, his father, King Cold is also killed in the same episode.
Freeza was the most powerful being in the universe, until Goku came along and handed his ass to him after transforming into a super saiyan.
by kyle.biddle January 5, 2011
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When someone has left over pizza it becomes freeza, meaning that anyone can eat it.
Hey I have some freeza if anyone wants it
by OlympicMikos January 26, 2011
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wack-off, to jerk it.
by hand-rapist January 7, 2008
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Similar or relating to Freeza (Frieza) from the Dragon Ball Franchise.
That guy there has got a lot of Freezaness to him!
by HyperShadowWolf January 10, 2022
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Its another Term for a 40 oz of Beer.
Very inexpensive. $2-$4 each

AKA 40's
IE:Private Stock, Colt 45, Heffenreffer, Phat Boy, Old English.
Cuddy said they'll be at the house, we should bring some FREEZAS if we swing through.

by LeeLeebangs July 28, 2008
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Before Planet Vegeta, a saiyan planet, was destroyed, the Galactic Emperor, Freeza took it over, and replaced the universal holiday, Christmas, with a holiday that was completely focused on himself. (Originated from TFS's DBZA series)
Nappa: "Hey Vegeta?"
Vegeta: "What is it, Nappa?"
Nappa: "Happy Freeza Day!"
by SatanReincarnate January 14, 2018
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