A common thing to say when you absolutely destroy someone, often used in video games. Popular amongst pro Valorant, CS:GO and R6 players.
"You just got stained kid"
"Get stained on bozo"
by xX.PROGAMER69 December 13, 2021
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adj.To Have Sex
adv. To get Robbed
To Get Beat in something really bad
I stained sally last night

I got stained fo my Rims

I was staining them in basketball
by Chi_townz_finest_yo May 29, 2006
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Where did you get stained bro? Down at the shop on main.
by Pierced69 October 14, 2018
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When a white girl is fucked by a black guy, she becomes stained. Thus no self respecting white man would have sex with her.
She got stained a week ago, now I won't touch her.

Don't go near her, she was stained by a bunch of blacks.
by vw_buzz October 5, 2011
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1. To steal something
2. To take something
1. Aye did you see joker’s crew hit a stain on that bank?
2. I’m about to stain Bears moneyline
by butchcoolidge February 25, 2022
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Rob someone, usually for drugs.
I just hit a stain on them fufu ass niggas.
by 064 December 19, 2012
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