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Quite possibly the most badass fucking character ever known. Vegeta/Bejita thrives in situations where any man wishes to set foot in, and comes out a TOTAL FUCKING BADASS every time. It's known that even Tyler Durden, the MacManus brothers, Triple HHH, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, John Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Adolf Hitler worshiped Vegeta, and wished to be half as badass as the Prince of All Saiyans.

Thanks to Vegeta, there is a such thing as "beyond badass."
"You may have invaded my mind, and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...his PRIDE!!!!!"
-The best quote by the legend himself, Vegeta.
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A character from the Dragon Ball Z series, who makes it quite clear that he is the Prince of all Saiyans.
Vegeta: I am the Prince of all Saiyans!

Goku: Uh... Vegeta, we're the only Saiyans left!

Vegeta: Quiet! I'm on to something!
by TheCanCollecter June 28, 2008
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A character in the DBZ series. Most famous for his phrases such as "Un-beleivable" and "impossible" and "In conceivable". These phrases are like the only things he says in 75% of the frieza saga.
Frieza: I have now reached my ultimate form.

by 1337_shadow February 14, 2005
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Vegeta is the prince of all sayians!! he's is a godly, sexy man who will rip off your balls and blast them to the next dimension if you fuck with him!
"hey Vegeta, you're kinda short"
by Elise May 24, 2004
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A Dragonball Z character responsible for that infamous phrase: "It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!"
Nappa: What does the scouter say?

by Aurigae May 22, 2010
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1 DBZ Short bad ass sayain jin with an attitude.
Loves to destroy things.
2 to beat someone or something in an overly violent manner.
He got vegeta on the his punk ass.
by Dr Evil December 02, 2003
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Vegeta. The prince of all Saiyans, or so he says. Vegeta was the son of King Vegeta of Planet vegeta. They all worked for an overlord named " Freiza. " When Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza only a few Saiyans Survived. Vegeta was one of them. During the Saiyan Saga, is Vegeta's First appearance along with his commrade, Nappa. Goku at this point as not been wished back to life, so Vegeta must have a little fun with his friends. Vegeta does nothing but Watch Nappa tear his friends apart. When goku Arrives, seeing his friends badly injured, and 3 of them dead. He goes into a rage and easily defeats Nappa. Vegeta disposes of Nappa saying " A disgrace! ". Vegeta and Goku's first fight is probably the most rememberd. Since Vegeta is over confident so he underestimated Goku. Still having his tail, and since the Moon was destroyed by Master Roshi, Vegeta used a technique that created a small moon, thus transforming into an Ozzaur ( Giant Monkey. ) Vegeta could control this form and almost killed Goku. When one of Goku's friends chopped off his tail, he was returned to his orignal form. Thus when Gohan saw this moon, he himself turned into an Ozzaur, crushing Vegeta, and forcing him to retreat. Later in the Frieza Saga, he begins to believe that Goku is a Super saiyan but when Vegeta forced Krillin to blast him in the chest causing a hole and having dende heal him ( Because and I quote ) " Everytime a sayian is defeated, He comes back even more powerful the before. " says Vegeta. This is true thus making himself believe he was a super saiyan. When he dared Frieza to show him his true form he did so. Vegeta was no match. Frieza ended Vegeta's life with a single shot of energy.
In the Cell Saga, when learning of Goku's Super saiyan Transformation. He was enraged and determined to Become a Super saiyan. Vegeta's traning excercises were unbearable to himself even a saiyan prince could not withstand 450 Times normal gravity. Vegeta travled into space wanting to become more power. When he realised his defeat, badly bruised and beaten, he thought for a moment I do not want to become Stronger then Kakaorot, I am not stronger. When doing so he transformed into a Super saiyan. He became stronger then Goku for a short period. With Vegeta's new power, his Future son Trunks feared his death because this is what exactly happend in his timeline. His fathers overconfidence killing him. Vegeta was no match for the Andriods, almost being killed but being saved by Trunks and the others he realised he was not powerful enough. He began to train in one of the oddest and probably collest places in the DBZ series, the Hyperbolic time Chamber, where spending a day of Training in there is equal to a year even though only a day is spent in there. Vegeta Ascended calling himself " super Vegeta". When a new threat arrived, Cell had Absorbed one of the Andriods reaching his second form. Cell was no match but Vegeta's Fighting Spirit caused his down fall when he let Cell absorb the other andriod. Vegeta once again was defeated. In the Buu Saga, Vegeta let Babidi take control of his mind but not completely just enough to reawaken the evil in his heart. He became more powerful then Goku. This selfish Desire to Fight Goku and defeat him again was his down fall because when they faught they were giving energy to Buu. When Goku sensed the Danger, Vegeta said " We'll postpone the fight for now. " When Goku handed him a senzu Been, Vegeta Knocked Goku out taking the other half. He could not defeat Majin Buu, so he had to blow himself up to save his friends and family from Certain Doom. But of course, it was in Vien, Buu Regenrated.
Vegeta's Bad ass attitude is one of the many things that cause him to be defeated by Enemies. Though a few paticular incidents, like when Cell Killed his Future son Trunks Vegeta went into a rage against cell realising how bad he had been to his son. He fired so many energy blasts at cell it left him exhausted. Not much to Tell in the DBZ gt series though Vegeta did Go Super saiyan 4. Vegeta is one of the saiyans to SKIP super saiyan 3.
Vegeta's favored attacks are Galick Gun, which is Similar to Goku's Kamehameha.Also Big bang Attck, Final shine and Final flash.
Vegeta isn't the most popular DBZ character but he probably was one of the most important throughout the entire DBZ/GT Series......
" What's the Matter Kakaorot? You don't seem too Eager to Continue. " Vegeta Says to Goku.
" I do this for you. Bulma, Trunks, and even you..Kakaorot. OH!!!! " vegeta says blowing himself up in order to save Earth from Majin Buu.
by Sifu Gohan. July 23, 2006
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