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Someone who when they have a thing going on with another person, they eventually tell them they just want to be friends.
Kate is such a friendzoner. She told charlie that he was the best friend she had ever had. Then she ran off with his best friend.
by little_miss_brown_eyes October 20, 2013
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A person who usually turns down seducers with "i want to be friends only"
Don't waste your time on her; she's a friendzoner.
by invert cattso May 06, 2017
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1. a man thinking that a girl is so unspeakable happy that he is interested in her that he gives the excuse of 'being friendzoned' when a girl doesn't sleep with him or wants more than a week to get to know him

2. someone stuck with the illusion that he is so good looking someone will be blinded by their presence while having a horrible personality and therefore won't find a suther
person one: i really liked him but didn't what to dive into bed with after knowing him for hardly a day
person two: he is a friendzoner
by Sofia-alice March 13, 2014
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