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when you ain't about to be friends with someone cuz u done man

oh crap wait they think you are friends that's awkward better make it obvious that you don't want to be in a relationship
dude 1: I thought we had something...
dude 2: dang man you been friendzoned
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by skooshpoodle May 08, 2019

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You'll never win an argument with a Zachary, because he's illogical and doesn't listen to reason (or anyone) very well. Tall, lanky, brown hair and brown eyes, they somehow attracts girls even if they're a couch potato. Although you don't realize it (because they're antisocial), they're out-going in the right crowd and not embarrassed to do embarrassing things. Zacharys laugh really hard when they're uncomfortable and act flirty in the awkwardest way possible. He probably struggles with mental issues and may have the wrong opinions on offensive things, but don't tell him or you'll get an earful.
"idk, go ask Zachary, he pretends he knows everything and it'll do wonders for his self-esteem and ego"
"Zachary's ego is bigger than his IQ but don't tell him or he'll start arguing with you"
"why Zach so emo"
by skooshpoodle January 25, 2019

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Abbreviation of "Inspired By", used mainly by people on musical.ly app (aka TikTok), but isn't that well-known outside of the social media platform.
"IB Kristen Hancher @bbghancher"
by skooshpoodle February 06, 2019

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Wears a lot of makeup and spray tans, not a whole lot of clothing, and posts all of it on Instagram after heavily photo-shopping.

Age: 15 (we hope)
Birthday: Mar 7, 2004
Current boyfriend count: 9
Current baby count: 0, surprisingly enough

1. Richard Ortiz, 12 (Mar - Jul 2016)
2. Jayden Price (Oct - Dec 2016)
3. Nelson Aguilar (Jan 2016 - ? 2016)
4. Owen Bodnar (Feb - Apr 2017)
5. Case Walker, 14 (May - Jun 2017)
6. Cole Galotti, 16 (Jul 2017 - Aug 2017)
7. Sebastian Bails (Sep 2017)
8. Sebastian Topete, 18 (Oct 2017 - May 2018)
9. Mikey Tua, 16 (Jun 2018 - July 2019)
10. Dustin Bryant (August 2019 - present)
"She's such a Danielle Cohn"
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by skooshpoodle October 26, 2019

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Not always cute, well-dressed, or socially comfortable, but he's popular in his own circles. He lets his hair grow shaggy until he cuts it every two-ish years. On the rare occasion that he has a girlfriend, he dates her for a long time and is a lil bit cringey around her but at least he actually likes her. A little bit on the chubby side, slouching doesn't make things better, but he still does it. If his friends are gone, he has nothing to do so he'll pull out his phone and stand around because he's not very adventurous. Sets a very low bar for his girlfriends, but is loyal and will date them for at least two years.
"did you know David's actually popular at his school?"
"David, somebody messed with your jacket"
"ew did you see David today"
by skooshpoodle May 08, 2019

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Thinks he's really cool, wears tight shirts to school in hopes that girls will like him and that it will make him look strong. He's probably a good cook, plays sports, wears hair gel, and takes baths in cologne. Spends too much time commenting on his friends' social media with things that he thinks are funny. If you get to know him he's nice, but he doesn't go out of his way to meet people. Won't let you know if he doesn't like you, and is generally polite to everyone. Usually has brown hair and blue eyes, though some have brown eyes. Typically likes to go by Pete, but both names are good in his book.
"yo Peter how YOU doing"
"wow Peter is so hottttt"
"I'm going over to his house and we're going to talk about cooking"
by skooshpoodle January 25, 2019

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Really ugly when you just see him, he gets better when you know him. Nice to everyone, all the girls have crushes on him who knows why. Class clown, tall and gangly, wears glasses when he wants to look smart, awkward girls have unrealistic expectations when they see him. He does everything for laughs and is probably insecure inside but won't let you know. Awkward and abrupt, but people don't mind because they like him too much.
"Kevin is AWESOME!" 🤜
"dude Kevin is such an attention seeker" *gets killed by nerdy girl who loves him*
by skooshpoodle January 25, 2019

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