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The phenomenon experienced when reminded of one's permanent residence in the friendzone
Crush: She was just asking if we're dating, which I said we're not
Me: *thinks*: Ouch, that stings.
by EmiLogic March 1, 2017
A particularly aggravating metaphorical place, that people end up in when someone they are interested in only wants to be friends. It is impossible to get over someone while in the friendzone, because, as friends, you still see them too often for them to be erased from your memory, and yet, you cannot be with them the way you want.
Person 1: Hypothetically, how would you react if I told you I like you?
Person 2: I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you, but I want to just be friends.
Person 1 is now in the friendzone.
by EmiLogic March 1, 2017
Love is being okay with being friendzoned, because the pain of not talking to him is more than that of knowing he doesn't even like you. It is keeping your romantic thoughts to yourself, because you don't want to make him feel guilty for friendzoning you. It is knowing you'll never be together, but not getting over him, because you'd rather stay in love with him and talk to him everyday, than spending even one day without talking to him. It is feeling empathy when you never had in your life. It is actually caring about what he thinks about you, because you trust his judgement. It is making yourself a better person, because he inspires you to. just by being him. It is letting down your defenses, knowing he won't intentionally hurt you. It is wanting to tell him everything that goes on. It is always checking to see if he messaged you, even though you know the likelihood of that is low.
by EmiLogic February 20, 2017
An individual who:
1. Enjoys learning
2. Does not adhere to social norms

A nerd is *not*:
1. A geek. The circles overlap, but they are not the same.

2. Someone who wears fake "nerdy" glasses
3. Someone who wears suspenders, fake glasses, and bowties on "nerd" day.
4. Someone who thinks of themself as a nerd, yet cannot hold an intelligent debate.
5. If you are reading this article to determine whether you are a nerd or not, you are not. Nerds do not need to look up the definition of "nerd", it is a label with no consequence whatsoever, and nerds have better things to do than play along with societal stereotypes. That being said, if you merely want to see what people think of when they think of the word "nerd", because human thought processes, societal constructs, and philosophy are so interesting, consider yourself a nerd.

Synonyms include booksmart
Nerd is only a label. It doesn't matter whether you are one or are not one. Nobody cares either way, and you should not, either.
by EmiLogic February 20, 2017
To make a social blunder so bad, you drive away your friends, lose a great opportunity, become infamous, or an otherwise unpleasant consequence of a seemingly in consequent action
Person: I thought he would accept me, so I told him I want to create weapons of mass destruction when I grow up. Now, he's disturbed by me.
Person's mind: You lose at life.
by EmiLogic March 1, 2017