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A city in Texas in between Houston and Galveston. Founded by Quakers in 1895, Friendswood is allegedly a great place to start a family and raise your children. After all, it DID make the list for CNN's "Top 100 Places To Live In The U.S." Ask anyone not over the age of 50 and they will tell you otherwise. Being a mostly rich white city (about 90%), Friendswood locals have an incredible fear to anything of a different color, aside from Mexicans who they need to mow their lawns. Strangely, a large majority of the youth believe themselves to be black, and will even go as far to claim themselves a "gang member" in spite of the lack of ANY REASON to behave like one in a city with no REAL problems.

But without a doubt, Friendswood is most notorious for its police force. The FPD is known for its tendency to get extremely excited over the most trivial events, mainly cause it's such a boring city. If you are ever pulled over in Friendswood, prepare yourself as if it were a job interview. Even if you know you did not violate any traffic laws, they will make one up. They will even send more than one squad car to the scene, though this has been identified as an attempt to intimidate you. And even after they give you a ticket, you had better pay it on time. Cause if you have ANY kind of warrant in Friendswood, they will literally send their over-funded SWAT team with assault rifles to your house and threaten to tear gas it even if their is a baby and children inside of it. True story.
Friendswood Cop 1: Hey look, a black person who is clearly a gang member and not just a black person!
Friendswood Cop 2: GET EM!
by FPD Sucks May 28, 2010
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A great town to start a family in, full of good people above the age of 18 but anyone younger is just another spoiled rich kid that thinks they have it hard. If you sold one of the cars found in the Friendswood High School parking lot you could probably pay off your morgage. And since the parents are to busy trying to make enough money to stay in such a good school district the kids are spending all their money on drugs and alcohol. In the class of 2008 alone their have been 8 deaths/injuries due to drugs. The kids in Friendswood Texas will find anything to instigate with weather it's your race,weight,height,popularity,or if you can play sports or not. The people of Friendswood Texas are good families but seperated most of them aren't aas good.
Where are you from?" "Friendswood." "Ha,where's daddy's lexus?
by Resident of Friendswood August 13, 2010
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Stuck-up rich white town located between Houston and Galveston that consists of white people who think they are the shit, act black (even though they have never met a black person and are scared if them) and slut bags.
Hey man where you from?
Aw shit them is a bunch of rich stuck up white boys there.
We're not rich we're well off. I'll sue you for bein black too.
by poopizle May 30, 2008
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A very white conservative town located just west of 1-45 south between Houston and Galveston. It is known for its notorious police who pull you over over no reason since it's a small boring-ass town founded by the Quakers in the 1800's. Friendswood High School kids are known for being show-offs about their fancy cars that mommy and daddy paid for, as well too busy working their butts off while their allegedly good kids blow the money on drugs, alcohol since they claim "there isn't anything else to do". Some of these teens reflect racism on any non-white person who moves into town. As many ignorant southern white conservative folks, they assume every person who speaks Spanish is considered "Mexican", just to give a general idea of the level of ignorance.
"Hi my name is Jose. I just moved to Friendswood"
"Oh, what part of Mexico are you from"?
by Friendswood Resident August 16, 2011
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Nice people, who are not slut bags and do not act black. White people who are always looking for fun and are not scared of black people. Friendswood is not rich, yall just think that. Friendswood Kids have met black people and are really good friends with alot of them. There white people who are very athletic and generous. Maybe you should get to know them before you judge them.
friends wood friendswood kids nice funny sweet
by cowgirl4578 June 28, 2010
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A town in Texas located in the Houston Metropolitan Area. It’s a nice well payed middle class town with kind families ( some exceptions). It’s your typical small suburban town with a small high school and junior high. They excell in academics and are extremely competitive and high achieving when it comes to all sports. You have your typical drama and crazy kids here and there but, hey, that’s life. Just because some of us are jerks or crazy rich doesn’t mean you have to judge us as soon as you here us say “Friendswood”. Also, contrary to popular belief, we’re not racist of course there are some who are, I mean no town is perfect, but we have many friends of color and of different heritage. I mean it’s fricking Texas. We all know at least some Spanish and we’re once part of Mexico. Also, we do not believe that we are black or gang affiliated. We’re happy to be us.(Can’t say that for some though). Oh by the way, we have good cops and our police work hard. You could definitely tell during Harvey for those who forgot that half of the people in our town flooded and didn’t get there house back till recently. They worked hard to save anyone who needed help. So, our town isn’t all bad. No town is perfect. Keep that in mind before you call us Rich White Kids one more time.
Dang, it’s those darned Friendswood kids again.

I’m from Friendswood, Texas.

Hey, Friendswood, shut up!
by @TexanGirl88 December 21, 2018
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A suburb of Houston, Texas. A community which is portrayed as a conceited, self-centered group of rich, whiny snobs. A place crawling with soccer moms that look like, and worship, Sarah Palin. The upper-class division of Friendswood often uses the police for what they believe to be are real problems, such as toilet paper in their trees. The rich kids of Friendswood have recently discovered that they are rich, after meeting a handful of people at their high school whose parents don't drive a luxury car. Yes, there ARE middle-class families in Friendswood, along with its fair share of bible-beating, racist rednecks, ghetto-ass black people, illegal Mexican roofers, and silk shirt-clad Pakistani convenience store owners. It's also a hotbed of single chicks fucking married men. There is a lot of drugs in Friendswood, which are much easier to get than alcohol. Friendswood High School kids are known for being show-offs about their fancy cars that mommy and daddy paid for, while they blow money on drugs and alcohol since there's not much to do around Friendswood except getting high and having unprotected sex with as many people as possible, and everybody there is greatly skilled at both.
You need to find some weed in Friendswood? Head toward Blackhawk and Bay Area Blvd. It'll find you.
by recklessconduct October 03, 2018
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