When you have been told off or insulted, you have been "got told".
Person: Boy, you better not come around here again or I'll beat your butt up.

Random People: OHHHHHHH, GOT TOLD!
by renthead722 May 30, 2006
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It means that you got a sermon, or a sarcastic but correct answer.
American Schoolboy:"I knew that Othello had an R-rating but I was really surprised at the nudity, excellent!!!"

Brit troll:"Too bad just a single flash of breast gets an R-rating in America. I would much rather my kids watching porn than killing people."

Me looking at the american schoolboy and saying"YOU GOT TOLD!!!"
by Anniebabeh25 July 26, 2006
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1.Some thing to say when something bad has happened to someone you know.
2.Or,if when someones trying to be smart but isnt being smart and someone points it out.
1.person 1:*gets hit by a stick*
person 2: you just got told

2.person 5:O yes look how cool that drawing is the bee has knees
person 6:But, bees dont have knees
person 7:HA person 5 just got told
by shootmeimdreaming May 30, 2008
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Clearly a misunderstanding of the phrase, "(you) just got owned."

The word "told" simply conveys an idea of verbal transference of information. The connotations are completely neutral, and any negative value incorrectly associated with "told" should more accurately be attributed to the content of the actual information being told ("Don't shoot the messenger," indeed). On the other hand, ownership (especially in a historical human context) is generally never a good thing.
"I just got told that my mom gave birth to a happy, healthy boy; my new brother!"

"Oh shit, I heard you just got told by that girl you asked out that she was a sophomore in high school and maybe you should look for someone your own age; a senior.......senior citizen!! You just got owned, son!!"
by mynöduesp January 11, 2020
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