A French Tickler is a penis sleeve with nubs and wiggly appendages that tickle the inside of a guy's asshole when he's being fucked which gives him a French Tickler-gasm.
Matt wore his French Tickler when he fucked me and I blew my load everywhere when I had a French Tickler-gasm!
by USAF Cadet September 12, 2021
When a man/woman eats a can of corn the night before and the next night before they shit they get fucked in the ass
Hey babe better eat your corn so I can give you a french tickler tomorrow
by kingsize February 28, 2022
When a guys penis has small piercings starting at the base all the way to the tip
Dude I just got a French tickler!
by lawlorff May 26, 2015
Sexual act requiring both male and female to have full untrimmed pubic hair; the female will sit on a mans face, holding his head while tickling his nose with pubic hair until he sneezes. For the male, a woman's head is held down while she preforms oral sex; her nose is then rubbed into the pubic hair until she sneezes and/or vomits.
I thought I was possibly having allergic reactions to giving my wife oral sex, in reality she was just giving me a french tickler!
by prowler_907 March 3, 2018
Hand Job with oral sex to bring client to climax. Term used by call girls or prostitutes.
My girlfriend gave me a French Tickler Massage and I came in her mouth so hard she choked a little.
by Khokolate January 26, 2011
Not to be confused with a “French Tickler,” the French Toe Tickler is a vagrant that drugs or incapacitates in some other form an innocent bystander and proceeds to suck their toes.
Did you hear about Steve? He won’t wear open toe shoes anymore after the French Toe Tickler incident.
by Cômrådę Thicqué December 9, 2020
Oh Stacy, Get Me A French Tickler Please! Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life.
by Cinnabonlord September 7, 2022