In a spicy situation it is a synonymous of (let's) get excited ,(let's get) wound up
So as they say at the frontlake:Let's do the wiggly=Let's get wound up
by sarah_wy/ellie moran May 17, 2010
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wiggly, adj. 1. A word that you use with your friends that can literally describe anything or anyone, but usually expresses the idea of being abnormal, funny or drunk.

wiggle, n., 1. A person or thing that deviates from normal.

wiggle, wiggly, wiggled, wiggling v. 1. To express action in a wiggly fashion. The act of being wiggly.
"Let's go out and get wiggly tonight!"

"I saw that guy dancing on the bar at Pantheon last night. He's pretty wiggly."

"All these college kids are pretty wiggly."

"We wiggled pretty hard last night."

"I'm going to wiggle home."

"He's such a wiggle."

"We don't wanna be too wiggly."
by elimyrue August 31, 2011
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a flaccid penis, similar to smooshy mushy, or other phallic symbol which is not fully rigid
He waved his wiggly in my face before shoving it down my throat
by Crotchfire February 7, 2005
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An endearing term for your lovers penis, derived from the board game "Uncle Wiggly".
by cait194 April 5, 2008
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A signifier of events about to escalate rapidly. Generally used in a situation about to become more tense or dangerous.
Taylor: Did you see Mike's ex just came in?
Sean: Yeah, and he's here with his new girlfriend.
Taylor: Oh shit, things are about to get wiggly.
by Stonewall Bones January 28, 2012
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a skinny little black man that sounds like a woman. especially wigglis if he has cornrows.
yo' look at dat wigglis ova der!
by Teppergina May 6, 2005
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