n. A sexual device in the form of a type of condom containing a massaging accessory at the tip. Used for sexual pleasure. Used by those who play guitar and suck toes, and do both incredibly.
"Here's KG with the feather and the French Tickler- look out, baby, he got the tools!"
by Sophie & Julianna February 10, 2004
When you are having sex with your lady friend doggy style and some guy comes and tickles your asshole with a feather from behind, he's called the french tickler
Dude I was about cum in Tracy's ass and then the french tickler got me!!
by el_nigero July 11, 2010
While having anal/vaginal intercourse with a male/female, inserting a French Baguette into his/her mouth then tickling their sac/clitoris
Dude, I gave Jessica a sick French Tickler last night

Me and Jack got crazy last night and I gave him a French Tickler
by The FT November 10, 2011
Urban legend condom that supposedly had a feather at the head of it to tickle women during sex. I have never seen one of these nor has anyone that I know...have you????
wife: Hey don't forget the condoms...make sure to bring home a French Tickler!
husband: Ha ha ha!
by thedzone October 13, 2009
René Dupree's Dance, Found on WWE Smackdown!, airs 8:00 pm Eastern/Standard time
René Dupree just did the French Tickler to Funaki
by 3LK November 14, 2004