When one wears no underwear beneath his trousers
e.g Did you see Steves arse, he was free balling so hard.

Or, In the sport of cricket one is said to "free ball" when they wear no box (protects genitals) whilst batting.
Carl: are you alrite dude?
Hank: Na man I took one to the balls
Carl: did your box shatter?
Hank: Dude I was free balling
Carl: Ooooohh
by WOW enthusiast September 29, 2007
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n & v. The state of having less restriction over male genitals. - To let testicles hang free.
v He is freeballing as his undies are absent.
n. Freeballings are sexier guys.
by Dick Observer May 22, 2005
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The art of letting the boys run free, specifically the absence of supportive underpants.
Wearing boxers as well as trousers constitutes free balling.
by frank December 11, 2003
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Exhibitionists practice within some groups wherein one does not wear underwear in conjunction with thin fabric or very short short shorts, allowing ones penis and testicles to be viewed by others as they sit or walk about. Provides cheap thrills for both the exhibitionist and voyeur.
John posted a noticed on an online bulleting board announcing he would be freeballing at the mall in hopes of attacting a hookup.
by Blowbudla September 26, 2006
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Another word could be 'Dangling', because only men can dangle freely.
He has been a Dangler since he was fifteen. Dangling gives him a sense of freedom.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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the act of using your iphone without a case. the term freeballing has meant putting on pants without underwear for years along with "going commando", but in this day and age it's necessary to have a set term for something that people do every day. can be used for non iphones but they are the most fragile phones and will crack easier than others.
Dave: John loves freeballing his iphone because he says the iphone is too beautiful to be protected by any case.

Adam: he said the same thing about his pants last week!!!

Joseph: Chris loves flexing, but he never freeballs because he drops his phone way too much when in the case.
by young lame February 11, 2014
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