originates in the jewish ghetto, having extreme attractiveness (sexually)
anna levinson is extremley spicy hot
by jarrett February 8, 2005
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An act in which a man pours tabasco sauce on his penis while proceeding to have sex with another woman/man (preferably a man).
"Dude, I just gave my manfriend a spicy hot dog last night!"

"Whoa, sweet! Was it...HOT enough for him? (no pun intended)."
by doggyheaven April 3, 2009
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In golf, a missile of a drive that exceeds expectations and lands a great distance from the tee.
<John hits 350 yard drive down middle of fairway> - "Holy shit John, that was a spicy hot bitch."
by krj1975 October 16, 2020
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When the man takes a shit then rams his dick through it, and then puts it in a hot dog bun. Then the woman deep throats him, gobbling it all up.
Sally liked the spicy hot dog I placed in her mouth. She moaned in ecstasy.
by john the fucker of mouths August 27, 2008
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When you pour sriracha into your penis before you cum. Preferably during intercourse
"Tim gave Sarah a Spicy Hot Cum Shot. She's been blind for months!"
by TheGreatWisdom77 December 15, 2018
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A delicious meal, although you can not have them because they are mine and I keep them to myself--aw?
Cartman: No, Kitty! These are my spicy-hot Louisiana-baked Chicken Tenders!
Kitty: Reowr.
Cartman: No, Kitty!
by Gary Hatfield October 25, 2007
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A basketball term used to say your open for a pass.
He yelled " HOT SPICY BANANA " and Tom passed it to him.
by Anymore March 23, 2015
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