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To bang 2 cocktail waitresses at the same time - adapted from "The Godfather" and brought back by Trent (Vince Vaughn) in Swingers.
Daddy's gonna meet 2 girls and pull a Fredo.
by J-Dubs January 27, 2005
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To be the "black sheep" in the family, like the one that is the goof and the screw up. Named after Fredo Corleone, who was Michael's older brother in the Godfather, and he was considered to be the failure in the family.
"hey, i heard your brother dropped out of high school"
"I know, he is such a fredo"
by Weiss January 01, 2005
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Dead, as in dead to me. From the Godfather character Fredo Corleone, who betrays the family.
I won't talk to him, I won't talk about him, I won't take calls from him. He's fredo to me.
by wordguy2 March 05, 2010
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From the Polish origins of Taylor, WI, Fredo most commonly translates to mean "Fuck YOU" and "hi." Other common translations include "yahooooooooooo" and "jeeeeeezzzz."
The moment the Whitehall football team scored, Coach T. immediately yelled "Fredo."
by Josh Springer November 23, 2007
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basically your typical "guido" but specifically a guy who is:

a) morbidly obese and thinks he's the hottest thing alive
b) can barely hold a decent conversation with someone
c) makes fun of everyone and does not realize that he is secretly being made fun of
d) lives in a Tony Soprano world and is completely delusional
e) is basically a bum in a house
f) makes a HORRENDOUS bf

g) thinks he's a g but really who is he really kiddin?
Taylor: "Did you see that guy checking us at by the bar?"
Jennifer: "Ughh..him hes such a fredo!"
by brooklynzfinestt July 02, 2009
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