A scab that grows between the butt crack. Some people even call it a bridge.
John: Did you take the Andrew Cuomo to get to the other side?
Mary: You mean the Tappan Zee bridge?
John: No, the scab between your butt crack.
by Honest New Yorker January 19, 2021
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A governor of New York whom the left have attempted to pass off as competent just because he hates Trump until word got out that he send sick Covid patients to nursing homes. Ever wonder why the death rate in New York is high? There you go.
Because Andrew Cuomo is anti-Trump and is a Democrat, the guy gets propped up by the mainstream media to the point he even received an Emmy for some reason while covering up the fiasco with the nursing homes until recently. Never thought I would be embarrassed to be a New Yorker.
by Idiot-Finder2 February 9, 2021
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Synonym for groping, forced kissing, and forced hugging, and threatening others to cover it up

Comes from the current New York state governor who faced many credible sexual harassment allegations from 11 women
The politician faced an Andrew Cuomo allegation and resigned from office
by UrbanDefinitionMaker August 4, 2021
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Awesome governor of New York that shows real leadership in times of a public health crisis with grace, empathy and no-nonsense.

Since he is one of Trump's biggest critics, he gets unfairly maligned by both the President and the nutjob MAGAts.
Andrew Cuomo is a real public servant giving people the facts instead of misinformation
by Soul_Driver December 27, 2021
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A guy that wants to fuck the dorks nobody else does, if there is any truth to what they said about him.
Andrew Cuomo was apparently the one guy that was interested in these two girls sexually, and they want him to resign for it. They must think they own the governor's office.
by Solid Mantis March 2, 2021
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It seems more like an attempt to blackmail a government official already in power by another party that wants to gain power by ousting someone in an indirect way.
The accusers in the Andrew Cuomo Scandal are about as direct in their their intentions as a flight from New York to Istanbul that stops in South Africa and India first.
by Solid Mantis March 2, 2021
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He doesn't seem like a guy that makes many smart decisions, but he also doesn't seem like a predator either.
Andrew Cuomo doesn't look like Whitney Houston and the female state trooper most likely doesn't look like Kevin Costner, but any time a female is assigned to make a guy feel safe instead of him making her feel safe, what does he expect to happen to him? He allowed this to happen to himself, now he has to climb out of the hole he dug himself, even if he had help from other people that digging it with him. It seems like stuff you would see coming, but apparently he didn't pay much attention to any indication that these people close to him were not friends of his.
by The Original Agahnim August 4, 2021
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