To sell out one`s own family or friends for personal gain, thus enraging them and ultimately meeting their wrath. whack, revenge

ex. I Freoded my own brotha after he done slept with my girl.
When Fredo went against the family and sold them out, Michael had to take him out. So he Fredoed him (killed him).

by Funkyzeit November 14, 2006
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Getting fired from your job simply for being Fredo.
Damnit! I just got Fredoed again!
by @ilDonaldoTrumpo December 5, 2021
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basically your typical "guido" but specifically a guy who is:

a) morbidly obese and thinks he's the hottest thing alive
b) can barely hold a decent conversation with someone
c) makes fun of everyone and does not realize that he is secretly being made fun of
d) lives in a Tony Soprano world and is completely delusional
e) is basically a bum in a house
f) makes a HORRENDOUS bf

g) thinks he's a g but really who is he really kiddin?
Taylor: "Did you see that guy checking us at by the bar?"
Jennifer: "Ughh..him hes such a fredo!"
by brooklynzfinestt July 2, 2009
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realest nigga in all of chiraq. died on January 10,2018 due to liver failure because he drank too much lean. He was Chief Keef's blood cousin.
"Hop up out the cut, its fredo fucking kruger!, hop up out the cut with my motherfucking ruger!""
by fredo kruger June 19, 2018
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A small green creature that lives inside of ones anal cavity and has a tendency to hang out as scream obsenities. Reproduces with female counterpart named Freda.
by Will Perez April 16, 2004
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to kiss
I saw this dope chick at SPA last weekend and all I wanted to do was FREDO her
by The Iron Mullet June 12, 2003
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