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The name for the most awesome person ever. When cut, she doesn't bleed blood, but rather pure awesomeness. It would be quite a challenge to fit so much awesomeness into another person.
You think you are as awesome as Frauke? Well thats impossible because she is too amazingly awesome.
by I wonder who ;) April 03, 2010
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A person who always wants to know everything, she sticks her nose into others people buisness. She is a really fake person. She is not to be trusted.
Be ware of the Frauke
by 017756 September 14, 2016
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A very, very akward person. A stupid bitch that no one likes, she sticks her nose into other peoples buisness. She is kinda screwed up and tries to improve her reputation buy making wierd jokes that aren't age appropriate. Frauke is the kind of person who tries to become friends with the teachers so that her children get better grades. She wants to know everything and won't stop to get what she wants.
Ugh.. she is being such a Frauke again. So fake and nosey!
by 017756 September 03, 2016
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