A doctrine which emerged in 1960s as an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. The belief is that mankind began about one million years ago in the Mideast (Black people are today refered to as "Asiatic Black Man.") The doctrine holds that 85% of the people are presumed to be chumps, spending their life deluded and ripped off. 10% do the ripping off, are in the scams of entertainment, sports, politics, religion, business, etc., and live as fat cats but in sin. Only 5% have the knowledge and moral standing to be the world’s teachers. Non-black people are not excluded from the ranks of the potential righteous and the doctrine holds that one's works and life are more important than skin color.

The doctrine has lately undergone a vigorous ressurgence thanks in large part to hip-hop artists, particularly Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. The movement now refers to itself as the “Nation of Gods and Earths.”

Despite trappings, the movement has only the most tenuous links to Islam. Most importantly, adherrants believe in several gods, that the words of prophets have been distorted beyond recognition and that the Five Percent are in themselves, Gods or at least the Gods' agents.
"I wanna big up Five Percent Nation Of Islam, Yeah!"

-- Busta Rhymes, from "New York Shit"
by Bill Peters October 08, 2006
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the 5% are those with knowledge of self (the unignorant) who try to educate the ignorant 85%
while there is also the 10%, who have some knowledge of self, but use it to exploit the 85%
"yo son, let's go hustle that nigga"
"naw son, i ain't no 10 percenter, lets go educate that nigga"
"aw shit, you ain't nothin but a 5 percenter"
by theillgod April 25, 2005
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Offshoot of Nation of Islam, teaches that 5 percent of man knows the truth of the world, 85 percent doesn't have a clue and is preyed upon by the remaining ten percent (using drugs, violence etc.) There are many who claim to be five percent, but in reality very few men are disciplined enough to do so.
Black man is God, Black woman is earth.

White man was created by a scientist.

Death for the misled.
by TenPercentSons January 27, 2004
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Fascist who rejects fascism as a platform for political organization, national solidarity or ethnic chauvinism.

Someone who believes fascism’s critique of Western aesthetics is lost in its conversion to a linguistic framework (political theory) PARTICULARLY in terms of low-context Indo-European languages.

Refers to the 5% of the fascist movement that reduces fascism to a synthesis of Italian aesthetic idealism and Hindu sensualism.

A member of the meta-right.

A messianist.
A five-percenter would discourage political organization along fascist lines as he posits fascism to be an existential philosophy driven by aesthetic critique ie he views a linguistics as a poor framework for fascism. As evidence for this position, he presents fascism's self-destructive political engagements and social organizational theory.
by sandrashine July 02, 2018
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Someone who teaches that the Black man is God. Contrary to popular belief, a Five Percenter can be black brown yellow or white. They believe in freedom, justice and equality.
Five Percenters are also known as the Gods and Earths. They do not believe in a God in the sky. Their emphasis is on teaching young men and women.
by Atu May 15, 2005
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95 percent of the population is either culturaly or religiously brainwashed and incapable of free thought. That leaves 5 percent of the population who actually "get it".
"Dude - you're not going to bring that stripper to the hockey game, are you? Don't you think your girlfriend will find out?"
"Nah...it's all good. My lady is a 5-percenter. She knows the deal"
by Brizad September 30, 2003
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A gorup of mostly Black men and some black woman. Most of there followers are from the hood and ghetto. And a lagre number are in the jails and prisons accross america. They beleive the black man is the supreme being on earth, and the white man is the devil. The profess to strive for knowledge/truth/understanding. There nubers are small hence 5%, research shows there real number of members accross the world are less then .003%, Most in America. They believe the White man was created by a scientist. They usually give themself a new name after they obtain "knowledge of self" aka become a five percenter. They claim to teach the truth about all things, and if they dont have an answer to something, they comment "we speak only of what we know."
My nigga Jayquam just recived knowledgeof self yester day, now he be called Everlastin. He has become a beliver in da truth now he one of us Five percenters, for life dog.
by Tim August 31, 2004
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