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A combination of the word "douche" and "fuck."

A person who is a fucking douche.
Dude, you're such a douchefuck!
by Bill October 12, 2004
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Describes an individual who has shown themself to be a stupid, very brainless, utterly confused person that causes you to express such disgust with them by calling them this name.
1. I can’t believe you are such a douchefuck, you have got to be shitting me!
2. Hey douchefuck, come over here I said!
by KraussMan April 18, 2008
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1 - About the lowest form of human being around, lower than a douche-bag (douche bag) or fucker/fuckwad, etc...

2 - A person who engages in sexual activity with a used douchebag.
Tom Cruise sure did turn into a douche-fuck as of late...
by J. B. Baby April 25, 2006
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a stupid, annoying person.

bitches about everything possible.

thinks they are amazing, will refer to you as "my girl", don't expect to be called by your name by a douchefuck.
by porkchops are us May 07, 2012
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Someone who is worse than a douche & a fucker combined.
Did you just see that guy? He cut me off and then waved & smiled. What a douchefuck!
by LaureeBrutal September 26, 2006
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