A combination of the word "douche" and "fuck."

A person who is a fucking douche.
Dude, you're such a douchefuck!
by Bill October 13, 2004
Describes an individual who has shown themself to be a stupid, very brainless, utterly confused person that causes you to express such disgust with them by calling them this name.
1. I can’t believe you are such a douchefuck, you have got to be shitting me!
2. Hey douchefuck, come over here I said!
by KraussMan April 19, 2008
a stupid, annoying person.

bitches about everything possible.

thinks they are amazing, will refer to you as "my girl", don't expect to be called by your name by a douchefuck.
by porkchops are us May 8, 2012
when someone goes and tells their mom what EVERY single, little thing their sister does...just to get them in trouble. and the enjoy it.
claire was a total douchefuck to jenna yesterday.
by heygirlhey November 13, 2007
a complete jerk who you absolutley cannot stand
Ugh, go away you friggin douchefuck!!
by Anouchka January 15, 2009
1.a person who has a girlfriend who is gay and has no friends.

2. a boy who pretends to be your friend and is a jerk
James Kay is such a douchefuck, his girlfriend Jan is a gay bitch.
by Ford Saunders May 3, 2009