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An insult used by pretentious idiots in Greek organizations to try and make those outside of their membership seem "beneath" them. Pretty much as childish as it gets.
The frat boy called the non-Greek student a "GDI". The non-Greek student proceeded to laugh at the immaturity of the frat boy.
by Donald Scum October 14, 2018
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Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

Person B: No, he wasn't a nutcase, that was just a psyop so the government could have an excuse to ban guns.
by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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gdi mark stop being such a weeb you're embarrassing us

i've died like twelve times already and i'm only on level one gdi
by Belgarath the Great August 08, 2012
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Gamer Defense Initiative, otherwise and predominantly known as the GDI, is a group of centralized gamers originating from the mobile app, TikTok, they gained their infamy after a fake-virtual war known as "Furry War 2", before that, in "Furry War 1" they weren't necessarily grouped together or fighting as one "Military", Gamers- as usual, reigned victorious on the mobile app, and a lot of Furries left the app due to the "toxic" nature. They've come a long way since those days and are now dominantly active on their discord server, which is accessed via

Whist they still roam TikTok, the platform has moved away from the irony of "fake gamer wars", as well as irony in general. TikTok has now taken it's foothold in the world as an app for influencers, dancers, etc...

The GDI is ran by their founder & original leader, Oatmealz, along with his right-hand man, Kry.
Beneath them are;
High Commander Dizzy,
High Commander Marklb1,
High Commander Frobro,
High Commander Crunchy,
High Commander Crossroads,
High Commander Exodus,
High Commmander SirHecksAlot,
& finally, High Commander ODST.

Honorable mentions within the hierarchy would be;
Ex-High Commander KysKevin
Ex-High Commander Vasily
Yeah bro I'm apart of that LARP group called the GDI
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God Damn Independent, a college student that is not in a fraternity/sorority.
What frat are you in? Frat!?!?! Fuck that, I'm GDI!
by billy bob February 10, 2003
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God-Damn Independent: term used by college students to refer to a non-Greek student. In a derogatory sense, it is used to refer only to those who choose to bash the Greek system. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for Greeks and GDIs to be friends.
Despite the party's location on Greek Row, many of the people who showed up were GDIs.
by Amanda P Brown September 24, 2005
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Acronym for "God Damn Independent," often used in a derogatory way to refer to a college student who chooses not to join any sorority or fraternity.

Seems to be used in a derogatory way the most by people affiliated with the 'Greek' system because they do not realize that 'independent' really isn't even an insult. Typical brainless, follow-the-crowd, frat people. Damn, frats and sororities are like cults. People go in fine and come out brainwashed, dumb, and/or slutty. IF they ever come out.
Vic: What's your title?

Sam: What?

Vic: You know, what frat are you in?

Sam: Oh, I'm a GDI.

Vic: Wow, I really think you should go Greek.

Sam: You know, they're not even really Greek. They just jacked the Greek letters and twisted them to use in their half-assed, drunk-partying organizations. I only rushed for the free food. You'd have to pay me to join one.

Vic: Why don't you join?

Sam: Um, it costs money I can't afford to waste, I can make friends on my own time, I don't really want to be saddled with people I don't like, I don't like to do pointless shit, and I don't like how they always call each other 'big' and 'little.' It's hella annoying. Oh, and I don't really like to conform.

Vic: What's 'conform?'

Sam: *sigh*
by Lemonwater December 07, 2010
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