An elephant-walking faggot that enjoys having bing cherries shoved up their ass by their "brothers" Generally, they are easy to spot, as they tend to drive one of two vehicle types: 1. A jacked up pick up with huge tires and spotlights, or 2. A Jeep with the same characteristics. They love to wear faggity-ass brands such as Vineyard Vines and Southern Proper. Another characteristic of the frat boy is that they are usually accompanied by a used-up sorority whore with daddy issues. These retards love to brag about their "brotherhood", and how no one in a frat can understand it. Meanwhile, these "brothers" screw each other's girlfriends, and will step all over one another in order to get what they want. Frat boys tend to believe they are superior to those not in a Greek organization, even though the only reason that they will get anywhere in life is because they ride mommy and daddy's coat tails. They claim to be all about Christian morals and chivalry. Yes, because rape, homosexuality, and domestic violence are Christian values.
Guy 1: Did you hear that Jennifer got roofied this weekend?
Guy 2: I told her not to hang out with those frat boys.
Guy 1: I wonder how she's doing.
Jennifer walks in: No harm done, when I finally came to, they were butt fucking each other.
by ordnanceguy September 04, 2012
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n. one who participates in a circle jerk with his frat brothers.

v. to take a drunk lady by force
Help! Someone call the cops, Biff is trying to fratboy me!!
by johnnybgood May 16, 2004
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All these previous definitions were written by guys that are tired of seeing girls go home with frat guys instead of them. Get off your wii and learn some social skills.
Southern fraternity men (frat boys) do not condone sporting popped collars, pooka shells, or gelled hair. Furthermore, they often poke fun at such individuals. I agree that northern frats are homo.
by Mason Shurley August 29, 2007
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1)member of fraternity (social club for men in college after they get a bid and pledge)
2)one who learns leadership, and social skills
3)enjoys activities such as game day, boating, golf, and partying(with brothers and sorority girls)
4)develops loyality amongst members and alumni (who feed jobs)
6)usually found wearing ralph lauren, brooks brothers, lacoste, or greek letters (a&f is not recommended)
7)after college they are usually in the fields of business(upper level), law, or medicine
A frat boy is a gentleman with an edge.
by fratstar123 August 04, 2008
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Typically used by people to put down college men who belong to a fraternity. While you will find the occasional member who is shady, obnoxious, or in some way fits the stereotype, the majority are intelligent, fun, and good-looking young men who understand the true meaning of brotherhood as friendship and striving to meet the high ideals of their organization. Sometimes, the phrase is used by a sorority girl, and in that case it is usually not derogatory.
"Why are you going out with a frat boy? They're all weird, preppy guys who have low GPAs and don't care about women."
"Stop putting down the Greek system when you obviously know nothing about it."
by adpi girl March 10, 2007
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See β€œhomosexual”
I may be a high-school dropout, but at least I’m not a Frat Boy.
by Kipperon September 22, 2019
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