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Typically homosexual in nature Frat boy describes an individual or individuals (Frat Boys) involved in a Fraternity from which "frat" derives. Frat boys are of generally low intelligence and amptitude. Their natural habitats are poorly kept housing clustered with old crappy beer cans. Frat boys also suffer from an inferiority complex and excessivley feel the need to prove themselves (often while intoxicated). Frat boys often prey on females with lower intelligence (i.e., Sorority girls) whom are also often intoxicated. It is well noted that they will also happily use date-rape drugs to incompasitate females.
Activities include: Beer Pong, showering together, skipping class, and binge drinking. They are also known to be in trouble with the law.
Also see: Douche bag, closet-homosexual, and moron.
That Frat Boy is a real dick
by RFSMITH December 19, 2007

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