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A corporate slogan that embraces the idea that only minority peoples and hip teenagers are able to truly understand and be interested in the greatness of McDonalds. With cups and wrappers that have rap dancing preppies all over them, anyone can embrace an image of cool urban minority awesomeness, now if you only could move from Nebraska.
Yo, yo, yo, Beeouch shut the fuck up and eat this Big-Mac while I break it down. I'm lovin it, fool. Word.
by Krebstar December 11, 2007
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1:Someone I never wanted to be.
2:Idiots that think they are the spitting image of Otter, Boon, D-Day, Bluto and the rest of Delta House but have not even seen the movie.
3:Guys that own striped Pollo shirts and don't work at Taco Bell.
4:College educated retards that use a 2,000 year old dead language and still don't understand what the letters mean after living in the same shity house for 6 years.
How do you seperate the Greek men from the Greek boys? With a crowbar!Frat boys suck.
by Krebstar December 11, 2007
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