Not going to class and pissing your teacher off to the point were she flips out on everyone and calls every teacher to see were you are, and while asking them pronounces your last name wrong. Whytf
Student walks around school while their teacher is calling everyone trying to find out were the student is, because the teacher is obsessed with this particular student. Skipping class
by Ctfd February 14, 2014
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How Timmy finds out that Rob Landis used her name and e-mail address to create a new definition for Donkey Punch. Caught ya. You're one big floppy cock. I didn't want to go to class ... and now I got you back RL. You don't even know me. I'm a grown ass woman. Fuck with me again and I'll come to floor 2 and kick your little ass.
"RL! This is so hard!" -Timmy

"That's what she said ..." -RL, like a true pimp.
by Robert Louis Landis April 5, 2005
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A term often used by skateboarders to assert dominance.

This means you are dedicated to the game.

This term will get you even more mad pussy.
Joe: 'Yo I can't skate today I have school till' five.'
Bram: 'No bro, you gotta skate fast, eat ass, smoke grass, skip class.'
by Bramdeman!! December 10, 2019
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