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The prettiest girl in the world. A true goddess in every way - she has the beauty and the charisma of a goddess. She is also a very fun-loving girl with a pure heart. Shreya also is very sweet, kind and flirty. She is easy to fall in love with.
#Guy 1: Shreya is so pretty!

#Guy 2: She is perfect :D
by etherealbeauty May 25, 2015
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Really famous in her own way. Very kind and helpful. The most beautiful girl in the world! The one that can see through all the bullshit. Straight to the good in someone. So caring, loving, all around perfect girl. An Indian but prefers Asian for reasons unknown.
by Weeeedude September 03, 2013
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Sexy beast but also sweet and loving
Great at everything she attempts
Most Shreya's have long luscious hair
Keep Shreya very very close....
by Americanpizza101 November 12, 2016
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They're like your walking journal, you could confide in them even of some crime and there would be no consequences. They always know what you did and why you did. Also be on your guards while aiming jokes at her, because you're getting burned in return.
I told her I shoplifted a chocolate today, she asked if I ate the whole thing alone. That's so Shreya
by Bluekrait February 14, 2018
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An amazing understanding Indian with a bronze complexion, brown eyes, and blackish brown eyes. She is the definition of perfection and even though many people are against her, she always finds a way to cheer up people around her (her atmosphere and aura is happy). Everyone even demons love her.
Guy 1: Oh my gosh who is that
Guy 2: that sexy curvy goddess is Shreya
by Jared oman January 12, 2018
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Not to be confused with shreya, a shreyas is a very epic fortnite and osu gamer.
After his unfortunate resignation as an osu gamer, he has downgraded to an unknown osu mapper.
His most common activities include jacking off, notably at 4PM and 12AM every day.

A Shreyas is commonly known as a weaboo or weeb. He has devoted his life to anime and is known to speak Japanese.
1: Hey do you know where shreyas is?
2: Idk but I bet you $78348752309 that he's at home either jacking off, playing fortnite, or mapping in osu.
1: u rite
by Anti-Weeb December 18, 2018
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